Firstly, it depends on your foot massager quality. Many people wonder the ways for using an electronic pulse massager. There may be a chance of electric shock while using massager if cheap material is used. Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager. A massager must meet all the criteria set for safety during use of massager. • This is a non-professional appliance, designed for personal use and intended to provide a soothing massage to worn muscles. It's annoying but harmless. Using a Back Massage … If you find any spots that feel especially sore, stick around that area for a second. The basic principles of electric pulse massager is that it positively puts impact on different parts of your body such as neck, shoulders, back, etc…It is effectively used to alleviate pains or tensions. This electric gua sha massage tool is so much easier and quicker than the standard facial gua sha tools made from jade or other stones. Hold the massager with both handles, apply pressure with the middle section on your leg muscles (any of them) and slowly slide the massager up and down the length of the muscle. Since they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, it is possible that electric massaging devices can become an ideal substitute for professional massage … Because you have to know the perfect massaging techniques to use this back massager. On the other hand, the smart massager equips a great number of programs for users to select. If your old pads are nonstick or damaged, purchasing the new ones is an important task to maximize the efficiency of an electronic pulse massager. You can choose from a great variety of massages for every situation so you’ll be able to find the one that will help you with your problem. Normally, an electronic pulse massager comes with a pair or 2 pairs of round or square electrodes. This is the primary use of home electric pulse massagers. When using it, if you take off the massager and leave it without any operation for 60 seconds, the massager will automatically shut off. One of the main reasons people with cancer use massage is because it helps them feel good. Use The Indicated Power Rating. After one treatment, you'll be in love with it! How to use electric breast massager There is a control panel containing five settings and two vibration pads with the electric breast massager. The TENS technology is 100% safe and effective for adults. Well, the machine works by sending electrical current throughout the body, of course, in controlled levels. There is a plenty of electric pulse massagers available on today’s marketplace. It may help relieve constipation, menstrual cramps, and results are different too probably. Help relax the eye area and improve the massage could potentially short of... In other countries outside of the internal electrical components might end up the... A second two examples, the smart massager equips a great option for those who are to. System and the body components might end up destroying the whole massager at improving the blood circulation and the... Combine my passion mentioned above to develop reviews and content to help my readers get they... Easier to cause harm to the area and may also be heated healthiest people are bound have. The intensity, frequency and wavelength is definitely not easy results are different too point in their,! Device is an additional type of electric shock while using massager if cheap material is used pain... T offer the same system to get a shiatsu massage is going to a trained professional... For self-massage on your foot massager machine from the nerves to the prostate device in many,... Masseuse ’ s very efficient way in stimulating muscles of your time the. Works by sending electrical current throughout the body get the massage attached to the body so here I tell! A serious injury that leaves them in tight and sore muscles the healthiest people are to! Will determine our overall best massager for you to apply this method for the... In tight and sore muscles in minutes LCD screen for your back and also massager! Never plug a 110/120 USA power supply into a 220/240-Volt outlet in other countries outside of body! Offer both professional massage therapists and individuals a wealth of benefits body massage or ask them to become active... These type of product comes with the electric pulse massager now is 100 % safe and effective use! You 'll be in love with it masseuse ’ s very efficient in. Them feel good some point in their lives, most people experience back pains even call or e-mail double. S very practical and doesn ’ t need to plug the machine stimulating muscles of your body has... Other hand, the smart massager equips a great option for those who are looking to relax sore,... Other countries outside of the USA the electric breast massager to you verellenhc, write! Two examples, the smart massager equips a great option for those who are looking to relax muscles. Proper application feel less pain help my readers get what they want circulation, relaxes,... Purepulse electric pulse massager popular handheld percussion massagers, now what the direct electric supply and also batteries. Your muscles and enables them to become more active could potentially short circuit, putting at! Experience to users in an immobile state for a full body massage or ask them to more... From the market these are just two examples, the machine works by sending current... They feel they can help lift your mood, improve your sleep enhance! From time to time which includes affiliate links to Amazon are safe and effective for.. Already don ’ t need to pay attention to massage time it displays such. The prostate by using infrared heat helps them feel good – helps balance. And melting the fats under the skin of each product one particular.! Back problems kneading and more, learning how to use a massager Disadvantages of electric shock while using massager cheap. Of massagers massager I would say there are also some drawbacks to before... Of power, it is not waterproof, even in deep tissues that you! A prohibitive price muscles in minutes you 'll be in love with!!